Best Man Speech and Toast : 6 steps to deliver an excellent speech

best man speech1. Plan your speech.
You have to plan about things you wanted to talk about. Planning your speech will include writing them in a piece of paper. Remember you have to plan your writing carefully, do not forget the essential issues about the groom that you want to share, your introduction, your special thanks for the newly weds or other persons, funny stories, and so on.

2. Share your writing.
After finishing writing your speech you can always ask one of your friends to read it. You have to let your friend reads your writing in order to eliminate the mistakes you might have done in your writing. Let him/her read it slowly so that you can examine all your speech. Make some notes for any mistakes you did and change them immediately before you forget.

3. Practice your speech.

After you share your writing with your friend, it is now your time to practice your speech. Practice your speech alone in your room, use a mirror to see your mimics. Start by reading your speech slowly, see how well you pronounce them word by word. Do the practice several times until you feel comfortable to speak it out loud in front of audience. If you still feel a little bit nervous, you can practice your speech in front some of your friends. Make sure they do not bored with your speech. If they get bored, you have to practice again or even cut some lines of your speech.

4. Entertaining but not insulting

Your task is to deliver an entertaining speech, so you can add some jokes in your speech. You can find some funny stories from the books or friends, but remember not to insult anyone. Your speech is meant to be entertaining event, so avoid embarrassing anyone, especially the newly weds. You also have to avoid politics, religion, race, or sexual jokes. It is very recommended to avoid these topics or you will insult the audience.

5. Do not drink too much.
You are about to deliver your speech after the groom, one thing you have to do is to avoid drinking too much. It is very advisable for you to avoid it. Drinking too much will make you have no control over yourself. You even can embarrass yourself in front of the audience.

6. End your speech with a toast.
The end of your speech should include your toasts, especially to the newly weds. Do not forget also toast the parents of both sides, your friends, and audiences.

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How To Make A Funny Speech For Best Man

sample wedding speechSo your job is to be your best friend’s best man at his wedding but you don’t know how to deliver funny best man speeches? Well don’t worry too much, because you can make your speech as funny as you can if you follow these tips below:

  • Prepare your speech in advance

Every good speech needs practice to make it perfect. So, start by writing and then practicing your speech. You can practice your speech in front of the mirror, pay attention to the intonation of every single words you want to deliver. Practice your speech until you feel comfortable to deliver it in front of the audience.

  • Make a funny opening line

You can start by introducing yourself as well as delivering funny wedding quotations suitable for the speech. Funny opening line will make the audience’s attention go to you.

You can make fun of your best friend’s hair, his sport abilities or even his days in school. But, remember to avoid jokes about the groom’s past relationships. The bride and the groom will not find it funny anyway.

  • Don’t humiliate the groom, the bride and their families

A funny speech is meant to entertain, not to humiliate anyone. So, avoid humiliating anyone in your speech.

  • Avoid religious, political, racial, and sexual jokes
  • Don’t make any religious, political, racial or even sexual jokes! Remember, not everyone has the same taste in humor. Stay away from those topics or you’ll just insulting the audience.
  • Use hilarious anagrams

To make your speech funny, you can use hilarious anagrams like referring to wedding as suffering to the groom and so on.

  • Offered a toast to end your speech

funny wedding speechFinally, offer a toast to the bride and the groom, you can add your best wishes to them. Also, don’t forget to thank their families. You may also toast all the guests for their attendance in the wedding reception.

If you don’t have enough sources for funny stories, you can try to search them from the internet, ask your friends for recommendation, or you can read them in some books.

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Best Man Speeches

best man speechesToday I have more advice about how to create best man speeches, it’s a straight forward advice so you can follow through easily. So let’s start.

  • Prepare yourself about 1 month prior to the wedding day

For your preparation, write down your speech 1 month prior to the wedding day. It will give you enough time to be prepared.

  • Get help from reliable sources

If you find it difficult to write the speech, you can start by getting your speech materials from reliable sources. You can get your help from friends, books, or even browse them from the internet.

  • Start to write your speech

After you get help from friends, books or the internet, you can now start to write your speech. Several things you have to include in your speech are:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Funny stories, you can add them in your opening lines.
  3. Congratulate the newly weds
  4. Making fun of the groom and the bride, remember to make humor for entertaining, not to insult anyone, especially the groom and the bride.
  5. Nostalgic stories, tell your childhood moments with the groom, how you met him, how you feel about him as your best friend.
  6. Compliment the newly weds. Tell the groom how handsome he is on his wedding day, how good he is as a friend and so on. You can also compliment the bride, tell how gorgeous she is, and how they perfectly match with each other.
  7. Compliment the parents, friends, & the guests.
  8. Prepare a toast to the newly weds.
  • Deliver your speech with full confidence

wedding toastAfter you write down your speech, rehearse it until you feel confidence to stand in front of the audience and deliver it well. Remember, do not drink too much before delivering your speech or you will just make yourself embarrass. It is advisable to limit yourself to one or two drink before the speech. Finally, go ahead and deliver your speech successfully.

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How To Write A Good Best Man Speech

Your friend is getting married and you were chosen to be his best man, you now have to prepare your best man’s speech. You have to make it personal, simple and maybe add some humor to your speech.

best man wedding speech

The first thing you have to do is to write down your speech. Below are some points you need to follow:

  • You have to keep it short and simple

Remember that a long speech will drag the guests into boredom. Just make your speech short, simple and memorable.

  • Make out funny stories

You can make fun of your friend’s old times, maybe something about his hair, his acts, and so on. But remember to avoid making out funny stories about his ex-girl friends. You will just ruin the whole things if you ever mentioning his ex-girl friends.

  • Be honest with you speech

The story you wanted to tell must be the real one, if you make it up, you’ll just embarrass the groom and those who know him.

  • Write down your opinion about the groom as your best friend

Make the groom proud in his wedding day. Write down how good he is as your best friend, talk about how he is always be there for you as his best friend. Focus on your friend’s goodness.

  • Write down your wishes to the newly weds

To end your writings, give your best wishes to them. What you really want them to be in the future. You have to mention it sincerely.

The second thing you have to do is to rehearse all your writings before the wedding day. The last thing, remember to stand firmly in front of the audience when you wanted to deliver your speech. And don’t drink too much before your turn to give speech or you’ll embarrass not only yourself but also the groom.

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Best Man Speech Sample Video

To be pointed as the Best man by the groom in a wedding speech is an honor that you must bear with much of sincerity and happiness, as the best man it’s very crucial to point out everything that you and the groom have shared in your life and show the audience how wonderful it’s to have a friend like the groom.

You can also point out about the groom relationship with the bride, how they first met and how they manage to stay together while undergo all obstacles that may stand in the way and wish them a good long year of wedding.

Here’s a video that could give you an idea how a best man wedding speech need to be done, so please enjoy it.