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Best Man Speech and Toast : 6 steps to deliver an excellent speech

best man speech1. Plan your speech.
You have to plan about things you wanted to talk about. Planning your speech will include writing them in a piece of paper. Remember you have to plan your writing carefully, do not forget the essential issues about the groom that you want to share, your introduction, your special thanks for the newly weds or other persons, funny stories, and so on.

2. Share your writing.
After finishing writing your speech you can always ask one of your friends to read it. You have to let your friend reads your writing in order to eliminate the mistakes you might have done in your writing. Let him/her read it slowly so that you can examine all your speech. Make some notes for any mistakes you did and change them immediately before you forget.

3. Practice your speech.

After you share your writing with your friend, it is now your time to practice your speech. Practice your speech alone in your room, use a mirror to see your mimics. Start by reading your speech slowly, see how well you pronounce them word by word. Do the practice several times until you feel comfortable to speak it out loud in front of audience. If you still feel a little bit nervous, you can practice your speech in front some of your friends. Make sure they do not bored with your speech. If they get bored, you have to practice again or even cut some lines of your speech.

4. Entertaining but not insulting

Your task is to deliver an entertaining speech, so you can add some jokes in your speech. You can find some funny stories from the books or friends, but remember not to insult anyone. Your speech is meant to be entertaining event, so avoid embarrassing anyone, especially the newly weds. You also have to avoid politics, religion, race, or sexual jokes. It is very recommended to avoid these topics or you will insult the audience.

5. Do not drink too much.
You are about to deliver your speech after the groom, one thing you have to do is to avoid drinking too much. It is very advisable for you to avoid it. Drinking too much will make you have no control over yourself. You even can embarrass yourself in front of the audience.

6. End your speech with a toast.
The end of your speech should include your toasts, especially to the newly weds. Do not forget also toast the parents of both sides, your friends, and audiences.

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