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Best Man Speeches

best man speechesToday I have more advice about how to create best man speeches, it’s a straight forward advice so you can follow through easily. So let’s start.

  • Prepare yourself about 1 month prior to the wedding day

For your preparation, write down your speech 1 month prior to the wedding day. It will give you enough time to be prepared.

  • Get help from reliable sources

If you find it difficult to write the speech, you can start by getting your speech materials from reliable sources. You can get your help from friends, books, or even browse them from the internet.

  • Start to write your speech

After you get help from friends, books or the internet, you can now start to write your speech. Several things you have to include in your speech are:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Funny stories, you can add them in your opening lines.
  3. Congratulate the newly weds
  4. Making fun of the groom and the bride, remember to make humor for entertaining, not to insult anyone, especially the groom and the bride.
  5. Nostalgic stories, tell your childhood moments with the groom, how you met him, how you feel about him as your best friend.
  6. Compliment the newly weds. Tell the groom how handsome he is on his wedding day, how good he is as a friend and so on. You can also compliment the bride, tell how gorgeous she is, and how they perfectly match with each other.
  7. Compliment the parents, friends, & the guests.
  8. Prepare a toast to the newly weds.
  • Deliver your speech with full confidence

wedding toastAfter you write down your speech, rehearse it until you feel confidence to stand in front of the audience and deliver it well. Remember, do not drink too much before delivering your speech or you will just make yourself embarrass. It is advisable to limit yourself to one or two drink before the speech. Finally, go ahead and deliver your speech successfully.

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