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How To Make A Funny Speech For Best Man

sample wedding speechSo your job is to be your best friend’s best man at his wedding but you don’t know how to deliver funny best man speeches? Well don’t worry too much, because you can make your speech as funny as you can if you follow these tips below:

  • Prepare your speech in advance

Every good speech needs practice to make it perfect. So, start by writing and then practicing your speech. You can practice your speech in front of the mirror, pay attention to the intonation of every single words you want to deliver. Practice your speech until you feel comfortable to deliver it in front of the audience.

  • Make a funny opening line

You can start by introducing yourself as well as delivering funny wedding quotations suitable for the speech. Funny opening line will make the audience’s attention go to you.

You can make fun of your best friend’s hair, his sport abilities or even his days in school. But, remember to avoid jokes about the groom’s past relationships. The bride and the groom will not find it funny anyway.

  • Don’t humiliate the groom, the bride and their families

A funny speech is meant to entertain, not to humiliate anyone. So, avoid humiliating anyone in your speech.

  • Avoid religious, political, racial, and sexual jokes
  • Don’t make any religious, political, racial or even sexual jokes! Remember, not everyone has the same taste in humor. Stay away from those topics or you’ll just insulting the audience.
  • Use hilarious anagrams

To make your speech funny, you can use hilarious anagrams like referring to wedding as suffering to the groom and so on.

  • Offered a toast to end your speech

funny wedding speechFinally, offer a toast to the bride and the groom, you can add your best wishes to them. Also, don’t forget to thank their families. You may also toast all the guests for their attendance in the wedding reception.

If you don’t have enough sources for funny stories, you can try to search them from the internet, ask your friends for recommendation, or you can read them in some books.

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