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How To Write A Good Best Man Speech

Your friend is getting married and you were chosen to be his best man, you now have to prepare your best man’s speech. You have to make it personal, simple and maybe add some humor to your speech.

best man wedding speech

The first thing you have to do is to write down your speech. Below are some points you need to follow:

  • You have to keep it short and simple

Remember that a long speech will drag the guests into boredom. Just make your speech short, simple and memorable.

  • Make out funny stories

You can make fun of your friend’s old times, maybe something about his hair, his acts, and so on. But remember to avoid making out funny stories about his ex-girl friends. You will just ruin the whole things if you ever mentioning his ex-girl friends.

  • Be honest with you speech

The story you wanted to tell must be the real one, if you make it up, you’ll just embarrass the groom and those who know him.

  • Write down your opinion about the groom as your best friend

Make the groom proud in his wedding day. Write down how good he is as your best friend, talk about how he is always be there for you as his best friend. Focus on your friend’s goodness.

  • Write down your wishes to the newly weds

To end your writings, give your best wishes to them. What you really want them to be in the future. You have to mention it sincerely.

The second thing you have to do is to rehearse all your writings before the wedding day. The last thing, remember to stand firmly in front of the audience when you wanted to deliver your speech. And don’t drink too much before your turn to give speech or you’ll embarrass not only yourself but also the groom.

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