Best Man Wedding Speeches

When you have been given the honor to give best man wedding speech then you’re probably will find it to be difficult to start, if your still confused about what to say and how to say your speech then just follow these principles and I’m sure that you can create a good and memorable best wedding speech in no time.

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1. First introduce yourself properly and then you can start by greeting your guests and thak them for being at the wedding, because you’re the best man then most of the guests probably still don’t know who you are, that’s why you need to tell them a little bit about your relationship to the groom and about yourself.

2. After that you can start your story telling about the groom, tell them about his parents and relatives, how he grew up, how you both went into the same college or work together, where he met his new wife, funny accidents, everyone loves a good story and you can also add some jokes about the groom, nothing beats a good laugh to break the silence.

3. The main body of your best man wedding speech should be about sharing memories about the groom’s past, usually all the times that you have shared together with him, you can also start revealing the more personal side of the groom’s character, it will give the audience more better view or insights that may not know him a much better idea of what a great person he is.

Lets the audiences start to get to know the groom more. If you have not grown up with your friend, it can sample best man speechbe very helpful to schedule some time with the groom’s parents before writing your speech. They are sure to have some funny stories about his childhood years. The bride, also, can often be counted on to provide some funny “embarrassing material” about her future husband.

Just remember to prepare your wedding speech early. Because you need time to practice your timing and speech, you’ll most likely want to revise the speech and adjust the timing so it will be perfect.

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