Father Of The Groom Wedding Speech

Rarely we heard about father of the groom giving a speech but the fact is that it’s very important to give a speech that will become a welcoming notification for the bride coming into the family.

sample wedding toastsAnother important thing about father of the groom speech is because through this speech, the father of the groom can use this as a media to give some advices to the groom about how to build a good marriage.

So if you’re ready to write the wedding speech, first thing you need to do is make an introduction to the audience, tell them who you’re because not everybody in that room will know who you are, you can also tell them how happy you’re today attending your son’s wedding ceremony with his beautiful bride that will become a new member of your family.

You can also try to break the silence with some fresh humor of your own, maybe you can share a story about how the groom first met his bride, until the day he proposed her. Bear in mind that the father of the groom should make sure that the wedding speech contains the right balance between humor and emotion, choose your words wisely so nobody’s will get offended by what you’re saying.

Take some notes about your speech’s punch lines, remember it well so you don’t have to depend on the piece of paper when delivering your speech, but you can naturally speak from your heart and mind, this way your speech will become much inspiring and pleasant.