Create A Groom Wedding Speech Tips

One thing you need to prepare on your wedding day is your speech as the groom. Probably, you are too busy to settle all the things you need to make your wedding success, but remember, the groom‘s speech is one of the most important aspects on your wedding day. It usually delivered after the bride’s father’s speech and before the best man speech.

wedding speech examplesYou need to start your speech with ‘on behalf of my wife and I’, you will get the audience’s attention with this line. After the line, it is advisable to thank you the father of the bride for his speech, since his speech is the first speech delivered in your wedding.

You also have to thank everyone involved in your wedding, especially those who contribute to the success of the wedding. Then you have to thank the people who offered their gifts to you. Your thanks also have to go to the parents of both sides of giving the hands of their children to each other and their efforts to raise both of you.

After that, you have to toast your best man and the bridesmaids, as they have supporting your wedding. Compliment their performances as well as give your sincere gratitude to them.

Your compliment will not only go to the best man and the bridesmaids, but also to your wife. The bride must get your special compliment. This is the perfect moment for you to compliment the bride, say how gorgeous she is in her wedding gown. Express your love to her sincerely. Let the audience know that both of you are deeply in love and the wedding is just the best for the two of you.

Then, you should toast the guests for they have attended your wedding reception.

Special advice for you is that your speech must be brief, take 2 to 5 minutes for your speech. Do not take it any long than 5 minutes or you will drag the audience into boredom. Remember also to deliver your speech sincerely so that the audience know your speech comes deeply from your heart and they will appreciate your speech.


Funny One Liners For The Grooms

As a groom it’s very important to deliver a good and heartfelt speech that can touches everyone’s heart in the audience, and one of things you can do to touch their hearts is by telling them a funny online liners. Nothing better than a fresh and good sense of humor to make the room more comfortable and cozy.

wedding toast

Come up with a funny one liners especially for the grooms is a good touch in your wedding speech, but remember before adding any jokes in your speech, you must think of your audience first because let’s face it that you have a very diversity of audience such as close family, distant family, co-workers, neighbors, business partners and so forth, they’re all come from different ages, genders, educations, and other backgrounds, so you must have some good liners that can be understood and accepted in these different levels, last thing you don’t want to do is offend anyone with your liners.

When preparing a funny one liners, don’t just have one but three of four even more liners, so that if one doesn’t work you have other funny one liner as a back up,let’s take a look at these one liner samples:

Before we got married I caught her in my arms. Now I catch her in my pockets.

  • Never marry a man for money. You’ll have to earn every penny.
  • if it weren’t for marriage, men would spend their lives thinking they had no faults at all.
  • They say when a man holds a woman’s hand before marriage, it is love; after marriage, it is self-defense.
  • It’s true that all men are born free and equal, but some of them get MARRIED!
  • Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.

I hope these funny one liners can help you to brainstorm more ideas of your own as the groom and have a nice wedding day to you.


Wedding Grooms Speech

Preparing a groom wedding speech is never easy, it’s true that that it is the bride who are busy preparing all the wedding planning, but the groom also is busy preparing the wedding speech.

So let’s first ask yourself what makes a good wedding groom speech?

wedding speech sampleThere are many types of wedding speeches and the groom wedding speech in one of the most anticipated and important wedding speeches on the wedding day ceremony. It’s the best media to show your new wife to be just how much you love and adore her, so choose your words wisely because you don’t to end up paying the price of saying something wrong.

So how you create a groom speech? First by welcoming and honoring both parents, yours and the bride’s. Tell them that how much you love her and will do the best in your power to keep her safe and warm in your arms, you also should thank the bride’s parents for their love and supports through out her life.

After welcoming the parents, now you can pick on the best man, you can start to ease up a little by telling a funny story about the best man just to break the silence and lighten the mood. Remember to keep on track and don’t go wondering around talking about things that are not related with your wife or the wedding, speak from your heart is the easiest ways to do it but don’t go too emotional about it.

Try not to make the wedding speech too long, just say all the important things and that will save you from saying wrong things and bored the audiences, remember the outlines of your speech and speak from your heart. You will do just fine.


Groomsman Speeches

It’s not very frequent that a groomsman giving a wedding speech but if the groomsman is the best man then he can deliver the wedding speech, but in so many occasion the best man is the groomsman and when somebody mentions about groomsman speech then it’s actually the same with the best man speeches.

example wedding speechesBut there are also some weddings where each or at least a few among the groomsmen deliver a lovely wedding speeches to the audience. Although it’s not a must for a groomsmen to deliver a wedding speech and no one expect them to do the speech, so it will be a nice surprise if one or a couple of the groomsmen decide to toast the newlyweds. That would be a nice idea to make the entire wedding speech session even more interesting. Even better if the groomsmen keep this as a secret (especially from the groom) and can only share it with the MC or the best man in advance.

When is the best time to do the groomsman speech?

The perfect time for groomsman to do the speeches would be right after the maid of honor speech assuming that there isn’t any speech left after the bridesmaids have spoken. In other words a groomsman speech should come at the very end of all wedding speeches. And it wouldn’t be a good idea to have best man speeches and groomsman speeches back to back.

Even so, groomsman speeches shouldn’t be typically very different from best man speeches. This is simply because the team of the groomsmen comprises of the friends, brothers and cousins of the groom and the best man is just one of them. And keeping in line with best man speeches, you would also want the groomsman speeches would to be funny. But it’s very crucial that the groomsmen make sure to keep the speech short and simple because the guests already have listened to enough wedding speeches and should be dying to rush to the buffet tables by the time they get the chance to speak. Ideally the best speaker from the groomsmen should prepare himself for the groomsman speech on behalf of the entire team.

So just be yourself and write the wedding speech from your heart…

Groom Speeches Tips and How To

As a groom one of your assignments would be to write a groom wedding speech for the wedding reception, it’s the perfect opportunity to share about how much you love your future wife and tell everyone how special this moment means to you, the speech must have the originality which means that you have to write it yourself and not someone else do it for you, and now to help you with composing the groom wedding speech I will give you three things that will guide you through in creating your own speech.

First of all you need to write a speech with the audience in mind, it means that you need to channel your thoughts, emotions and also your feelings to your audience, there are 2 main audience you need to think of, first one is your bride and the second is your family, craft a speech that will show them how much they mean to you and how much you love them.iStock_000011828674Small

You can also organize your thoughts by outlining your speech in order to map out where it is going, when delivering the speech you can use a note card as your reference which contains all the major points your want to say, this will help you a lot in going through your speech smoothly and systematically. But don’t memorize it by heart, just the main points and you can improvise it the way you wanted.

The second is you need to keep it short and simple, just keep it under 5 minutes or so, practice makes perfect, so you need to practice the speech over and over again until you can have the right timing requirements.

Don’t forget to say thanks to everyone who helped your plan the wedding. A good wedding speech should recognize all the people who helped make it possible. They should all be properly thanked for their diligent work helping your dream wedding become a reality.

Last but not least, you can consult with the father of the bride and the best man to make sure your speeches are not the same and are not lifting lines from each other’s work. This will help you to avoid some seriously clumsy moments. You want the speech to convey your own special words. You want to give your speech a unique quality.

Be careful how you use stories and anecdotes in your speech. You want to keep the stories short and brief. A long and over detailed story can put off guests and even bore them. You should try to think of story that highlights the things you love about your fiance.

I’m sure that by following these groom wedding speech tips you will have the confidence you need to give a great wedding speech.