Maid of Honor Toast Tips

You are nervous about delivering your maid of honor toast? Well don’ t be, because I will give you some tips to follow. The very first thing you need to do is to plan your speech. You have to plan about things you wanted to talk about. Planning your speech will include writing them in a piece of paper. Remember you have to plan your writing carefully, do not forget the essential issues about the groom that you want to share, your introduction, your special thanks for the newly weds or other persons, and so on.

wedding speech sampleThen, it comes the time for you to share your writing. It means that after finishing writing your speech you can always ask one of your friends to read it. You have to let your friend reads your writing in order to eliminate the mistakes you might have done in your writing. Let him/her read it slowly so that you can examine all your speech. Make some notes for any mistakes you did and change them immediately before you forget.

The third one is to practice your speech. Practice your speech alone in your room, use a mirror to see your mimics. Start by reading your speech slowly, see how well you pronounce them word by word. Do the practice several times until you feel comfortable to speak it out loud in front of audience.

The next part is to make sure you got everything in hand when it comes to delivering your speech. If you write your speech in an index card, make sure you bring it to the wedding reception. Pay attention to what you wear, make sure your appearance is appropriate for the wedding reception. Make sure, your dress does not get more attention than your speech. It means that you have to double-check your dress before delivering your speech. Also, you have to avoid drinking too much before delivering your speech. And then, when you are about to delivering your speech, stand firmly. Look at the audience with a smile on your face to introduce yourself.

At last, to end your speech, deliver your toasts to the newly weds, the parents of the both side, the audience, and so on.


Maid of Honor Toast : A special task

wedding toastUsually in a wedding, there are a father of the bride speech, the groom speech, the best man speech, but it is often without maid of honor speech or toast. It is not a common thing for a maid of honor to give her speech. But if you are asked to deliver your speech and toast in your best friend’s wedding, consider yourself having a special task, then make sure you are well prepared to deliver your speech.

A well prepared speech will include planning your speech. Write down the things you want to talk about. You better write them down in an index card. Write down essential issues about the bride, how you met her, and how the two of you finally become best friend, say how you are grateful to have a special task to be her maid of honor. You can also add some compliments to the newly weds, how they are perfectly made for each other, how they look so gorgeous and handsome. Your compliment may also go for the parents of both sides.

After you finishing writing your speech, practice the whole speech. Make sure you pronounce them well. Pronounce  them slowly, word by word, sentence by sentence until you get used to pronounce them correctly.

When it is your time to deliver your speech, remember to firstly introduce yourself. No one will notice who you are unless you introduce yourself in advance. By introducing yourself, you are actually having the audience’s attention go to you. After that, deliver your speech confidently. People will see how well you are when delivering your speech. Avoid the “rrr” syndrome. Do not say,”I am…rrr…Gabrielle….rrr…I am the maid of honor….rrr…”. You will only make your speech longer than it was and it surely will drag the audience into boredom. Remember you have already practice your speech well in advance, so stand firmly and be confidence about yourself.

Finish your speech with some toasts. A special toast to the bride and the groom must be in the first line. After that you can toast the father of the bride, the bestman, the audience, and so on.

Maid of Honor Toast: A proper way to deliver your speech

In a wedding ceremony, the maid of honor also taken a great part in a wedding. As your friend ask you to be her maid of honor, you will be busy preparing all things with her. You will have to help her to choose the perfect wedding gown for the bride, help her with the baccalaureate party and then you have to prepare your maid of honor speech.

maid of honor speechWith those activities you need to do, you will still need a little time for yourself to prepare your speech. Remember that your maid of honor speech will be one of those memorable moments to be remembered not only for the bride, but also to all the audiences. So, be prepared!

Here are some preparations you need to follow:

1.Plan your speech.
You have to think about things you wanted to talk about. Then, you have to make some notes first. After that, you can start your writings.

2.Get help from reliable sources.
So now you have all your notes and your writings done, but you don’t know how to conclude your speech in a proper way, I guess, it is time for you to get helped. You can get help from books (you may buy a wedding etiquette booklet from a nearby bookstore), you can also get help from your friends, or you can browse it from the internet.

3.Write your speech.
Now, you can write your speech in a proper way. These are things you need to add in your writing:

Thank the bride for choosing you as the maid of honor
You can start your writing by thanking the bride to choose you as her bride maid. Say how you are grateful to have this responsibility as a bride maid and how you are happy to help the bride with her wedding.
Compliment the newly weds

After that, you have to add your compliment to the newlyweds. Say how beautiful the bride in her wedding gown, how handsome the groom is, and how the perfectly fit to each other.

Recall your friendship story
it is time to add your friendship story in your writings. You can start by mentioning how the two of you (you and the bride)met. How you always appreciate her as your best friend, how she always be there for you, and so on. Compliment her by saying how lucky you are to be her best friend from the day you met her until now. Remember, you can also add some jokes.

Thank the parents and all the guests
Do not forget to thank the parents from both sides for they also have welcoming you as the bride maid. Then, you have to thank the guests for their attendance in your best friend’s wedding.
Toast the newly weds

At the end of your writing, you have to toast the newlyweds. Do it sincerely.15-wedding-toast

4.Practice your speech
After you finish writing all the things you wanted to say, it means that your speech is already to be practiced. Practice is meant to make your speech prefect. So, start practicing your speech by reading it in front of the mirror. Do this several times until you get used to deliver your speech well.

5.Deliver your speech
With all the practice you did, I am pretty sure that now you are ready to deliver your speech well.

Maid Of Honor Speech Sample

Maid of honor wedding speech is like the ice breaker, people will always find this speech to be fresh and funny. Delivering this speech shouldn’t be too difficult because you will talk mostly about the bride or your best friend, the time you spent together, all the fun stuff you both have shared together.

You can also talk about the groom, how lucky she is to find the right man in her life and wishing her all the best in her family. Maid of honor wedding speech can have many forms, it can be funny, serious, awkward even crazy…nevertheless just be yourself and I’m sure that you will do just fine.

So here’s a clip just to show you how a maid of honor speech should be done, I hope you can get some ideas after finish watching this video.

Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches

It’s no secret that in most weddings a lot of people are always waiting for the maid of honor to give the wedding speech because frankly they’re usually the most entertaining person who can gives a fresh and funny wedding speeches, in fact a maid of honor wedding speeches are a big part of any wedding ceremony out there, it happens within the first half of the wedding reception so you will have a large crowd of audience waiting for you to say something, remember that a funny and humorous speeches can lighten up the atmosphere, so to speed up the process let’s take a look at the rule of thumb when creating a good maid of honor wedding speeches.15-wedding-toast

Just follow through these rules and you will be alright.

Time Table

Delivering a wedding speeches should not last more than five minutes, don’t go on and on about other things except your maid of honor speech ideas on the bride and the wedding, make it sincere and memorable, natural, genuine and heartfelt also tell them how happy you are now that they’re getting married today.


Because you are the closest friend of the bride you need to focus on the bride and wedding when delivering the speech, you can tell story about all the fun moments you shared together. Talk about how long you have known the bride and groom and the reason for expecting the invitation. Make sure the speech is funny and doesn’t cause any embarrassment to the bride or groom.


Having original material about the bride and groom is what makes it memorable. While the best man’s speech is equally crucial, he will focus more on the groom then on the bride, so it’s your job to keep the bride pleased and harbor her with your speech. Touching words for the bride and groom. These speeches will also pay tribute to the handsome groom and mention how the bride has changed for the better since meeting her new husband.


This the fun part, you can put some jokes in your speech but remember not to offend anyone, keep it funny, simple and entertaining for all the audience, just keep on smiling and light.