Free Matron of Honor Speeches

wedding toastA matron of honor is a married woman acting as chief attendant to the bride at a wedding and sometimes she has to deliver a wedding speech too, and if that person is you right now then you must prepare yourself properly so that you will be able to give a memorable speech and finally give a wedding toast to the bride.

A matron of honor is usually someone very close and dear to the bride, they knew each other for a very long time and know so many things about each other, so this will be your main advantage when composing your matron of honor speech at the wedding.

There are several basic parts in creating a matron of honor wedding speech, first of all you need to create a speech by targeting the audience, the bride and other groups. You could make a short self introduction first while standing and facing the audience, stay calm and focus.

Make a good eye contact with your entire audience and not just stare at one direction, after that you can congratulate the newly wedded couple formally then get into more personal details like some of the old time childhood stories or any funny accidents that you and bride went to together, after that you should give some word of wisdom or advice to the groom and the bride, and finally take your glass and make the toast to the happy marriage couple.

And last but not least, you should address to the bride when ending the speech, showering her with sweet words like how beautiful she looks and how she reminds her of her own wedding. If the Matron of honor is a sister to the bride, she should welcome the new groom as a brother in law into their family. Some love quotes and one or two clean jokes will come in handy here.