Wedding Anniversary Speeches

15-wedding-toastTo make a good wedding anniversary speeches actually is not that difficult because you will have so many things to talk about, just try to remember all their best moments with together, just use that as your references to start making point of thoughts that you can improvise to be a complete wedding anniversary speeches.

For example, you can always talk about the first time the couple met, funny accidents, arguments, well basically just talk about anything that happens in their life, and the most important thing is that how they can get through all that obstacles and still together.

In your speech remember about timing, don’t create speech too long, because it will get boring unless you have a very good story to tell then it’s okay, but try to keep it under 5 minutes, you can practice the speech over and over again until you get the timing right, remember to always smile while you’re talking and don’t speak too fast or too slow,remember to value things in life because that’s what an anniversary wedding speech is all about.

Here are a few topics that can help you to start composing the wedding speech.

Don’t forget to give the couple your best wishes for their future, even though the have been married for quite some time , still it’s a good idea to wish them well for their years to come.

You can also talk about how long the have been married, For example: 25th, 40th, 50th or golden, and 60th wedding anniversaries, Talk About What Makes the Couple Different. When you’re giving a wedding anniversary speech, you may want to talk about what makes this couple different from other couples. Perhaps how they work together, how they’ve been raising their kids, or some other big thing that sets them apart from other couples.

Wedding-Toast-450x300Talk about Their accomplishments. Talking about the accomplishments of this couple is a great way to make a speech at a wedding anniversary as well. Maybe they have had big job accomplishments, they’ve gone back to school, remodeled their home together, or even been involved in public service. This is a great time to bring up these things quickly in your wedding anniversary speech topics.

40th Wedding Anniversary Speeches

wedding toastThe 40th wedding anniversary is also known as the ruby wedding anniversary is really a rare kind of event, and if you’re to be one of these luckiest people who will deliver this speech then I would like to congratulate you first. So now if you’re looking to get some ideas in composing your wedding anniversary speech then I hope these ideas can help you to get started:

First, you can say a few words explaining about what Ruby anniversary is all about, the ruby itself represents passion and everlasting flame within your heart, just like what you two have had all these years, so it’s very suitable to mention about this in your speech.

Now the second part is to tell some stories, this wouldn’t be too difficult because I’m sure that you have lots of things to talk about in your life together for 40 years, all the laughter, sorrow, bump and bruises but somehow you both manage to stay together as a loving couple, tell them all in a sequential order so that it will be easier for you to find the exact words and not jumping into one event to another randomly.

You can also add some funny, hilarious stories about you two, the weird events, the funny accidents, the funny habits, the funny words, all things that would remind you just how much you love each other regardless all the differences you might have.

Third part is try to make the speech short and simple and not too long, I know that sometimes we can get carried away with our own stories and end up mumbling about every little thing that is not quite necessary to bring up in your speech, so to help you stay on track, you can write on a piece of paper all the speech’s punch lines, so you know what to say and how to say it perfectly, you even can put some duration notes near each punch line so you know how long you must speak about each topic.

Practice all these 3 parts over and over again until you can get it right, and once again I want to tell congratulate you for your wonderful 40th wedding anniversary I hope you can reach the 50th wedding anniversary, God bless you two.