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Father Of The Bride Speeches Sample

wedding toastEvery father knows that It’s difficult to describe somebody you love in just a couple of minutes. Even so that’s just what father of the bride speeches should do, and not only that because as the father of bride you have to welcome guests and a daughter’s in-laws and say a few words about the groom and also his own wife. It’s a serious call and that’s why you need to have a professional approach.

We know that there are some people who have ways with words and be able to give a wonderful off-the-cuff wedding speech instantly but for most people though it’s a tough challenge and the earlier they start making the speech the better it will be.

When looking for an information or ideas you should go and ask the women because they are usually better than men at thinking back childhood incidents so it’s a good idea to ask the bride’s mother to remind him of how the bride broke away from home when she was three or always smuggled her pup into bed when nobody was looking. Once a mother and father start discussing these memories many more will surface and he will have the basic information he needs for his speech.

Well anyway to make a quick start here’s a father of the bride wedding speech sample that you can use as your template.

As a father, we know that someday our daughter will eventually find the perfect man, she will go and get married, and every father also wishes that his daughter will find the best luck of finding the right man that will make her life joyful, happy and finally when the time comes or when this happens all we can do is watch, observe and hoping only the best for her and today is the day that I will take that role.

As a child, Caren was an outgoing and loving daughter, the qualities that she has brought into her adult life as a grown woman, but along her life journey, she has learned many skills, from her family, friends, co-workers, but everything she has done has me a very proud father.

She always want to become better in life, in whatever she does, with her caring and love she makes me incredibly proud as a father.speeches

And now I was giving her away, and I can’t deny I experienced a great loss. After all, I was giving my daughter away to be married. But when we reached the altar, I felt something else, and for a while I didn’t know what it was. But then it dawned on me, that the feeling I was having was joy and happiness that I was giving my daughter away and that she was happy, happier than I have ever seen her.

When I first met her husband, Samuel, I knew that he was a very good man who has plan in his life and the kind of person who will not mess my daughter around, and then I saw that my daughter become much happier and more caring and confident in herself, I knew that Samuel has made a positive impact into her life. I knew that I could trust him even to be my son in law.

My biggest fear as a father and a parent was my daughter making the wrong decisions in her life end up marrying the wrong person because all the wrong reasons, but once I had got to know Joseph, I could rest assure that I couldn’t have chooses anybody more appropriate to be my daughter’s husband, so once again, thank you Samuel.

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